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By Manoj Kumar

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Tools OF MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS via HAROLD JEFFREYS, M. A. , D. Sc. , F. R. S. Plumian Professor of Astronomy, collage of Cambridge, and Fellow of St Johns collage and BERTHA SWIRLES JEFFREYS, M. A. , Ph. D. Felloiv and Lecturer of Girton university moment version CAMBRIDGE on the collage Press 1950 released by way of THE SYNDICS OF THE CAMBRIDGE college PRESS London workplace Bontley condo, N.

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Dieses richtungsweisende Lehrbuch f? r die Anwendung der Mathematik in anderen Wissenschaftszweigen gibt eine Einf? hrung in die Theorie der gew? hnlichen Differentialgleichungen. Fortran und APL-Programme geben den Studenten die M? glichkeit, verschiedene numerische N? herungsverfahren an ihrem workstation selbst durchzurechnen.

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Arithmetic for Physicists is a comparatively brief quantity protecting the entire crucial arithmetic wanted for a customary first measure in physics, from a kick off point that's suitable with glossy institution arithmetic syllabuses. Early chapters intentionally overlap with senior college arithmetic, to some extent that might rely on the heritage of the person reader, who could speedy pass over these subject matters with which she or he is already well-known.

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The principle of SONAR is similar to that of RADAR. In RADAR we use microwaves which are electromagnetic in nature whereas in SONAR we use the ultrasonic. SONAR are used to detecting submarines, depth of sea water and other obstacle on the sea water. A beam of ultrasonic waves is sent by the ultrasonic transmitter towards the bottom of sea water. The total time for the ultrasonic wave to go to bottom and come back can be measured. As we know the velocity of the ultrasonics waves, and hence we find out the depth of the sea water.

Open window unit), and the value of ,a' for a open window is 100%. MUSICAL SOUND :The sound which produces a pleasent effect on the ears of the listener is called musical sound. For example sound produced by Violin, Piano, Singing of songs and ch irping of birds etc. A musical sound consists of a series of harmonies, components, starting from fundamental to higher harmonies as shown in fig. 3) NOISE :The sound which produces an unpleasent effect on the ears of the listener is called a Noise. For example, murmuring by students in a class room, sound of a gun shot etc.

M. Derive an expression for displacement. 6. M. and also derive an expression for velocity ofa particle. 7. Derive an expression for acceleration for a particle. 8. Explain the vibration of spring mass system. 9. What is a contilever ? Derive an expression for time period of vibration. 10. Explain free, force and resonance vibrations. LONG ANSWER QUESTIONS 1. What is a wave motion? Explain Generation of wave motion by particles. 2. Explain Longitudnal and Transverse wave and its propagation. 3.

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