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By Alexandru Oancea

Summary. the aim of this paper is to provide a survey of some of the models
of Floer homology for manifolds with touch variety boundary that experience up to now
appeared within the literature. less than the identify of "Symplectic homology" or "Floer
homology for manifolds with boundary" they endure actually universal gains
and we will try and underline the rules that unite them. as soon as it will
be comprehensive we will continue to explain the peculiarity of every of the
constructions and the explicit functions that spread out of it: category
of ellipsoids and polydiscs in en, balance of the motion spectrum for touch
type obstacles of symplectic manifolds, life of closed features on
contact kind hypersurfaces. The computation of the Floer cohomology for balls
in en is conducted by way of explicitly perturbing the nondegenerate Morse-Bott
spheres of closed features.

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