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In A.D. 664, King Oswy of Northumbria has convened a synod at Whitby to listen to debate among the Roman and Celtic Christian church buildings and choose which can be granted primacy in his state. At stake is way various disputed issues of formality; Oswy's selection might impact the survival of both church within the Saxon kingdoms. while the Abbess Etain, a number one speaker for the Celtic church, is located murdered, suspicion falls upon the Roman faction. with a purpose to diffuse the tensions that threaten to erupt into civil warfare, Oswy turns to Sister Fidelma of the Celtic Church (Irish and an suggest for the Brehon courtroom) and Brother Eadulf of the Roman church (from east Anglia and of a kinfolk of hereditary magistrates) to discover the killer. yet as extra murders happen and a treasonous plot opposed to Oswy matures, Fidelma and Eadulf quickly locate themselves operating out of time.

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The abbess bent forward and lowered her voice. " The sister raised her eyebrows, hesitated as if to dispute her orders and then nodded hurriedly and withdrew without another word. From behind the closed doors, the Abbess Hilda could hear the strident voice of the son of Canna still crying. "Beware, Abbess! " The man strained forward into the cutting wind, leaning against the dark oak of the ship's high prow, his narrowed eyes searching the distant coastline. The wind moaned softly as it ruffled his dark hair, causing his cheeks to redden and tugging at his brown, homespun woollen habit.

Had not Paul written to the Corinthians that while marriage and procreation was no sin, it was not as good as celibacy among the brethren? Yet most Roman clergy, even bishops, presbyters, abbots and deacons, continued to be married in the traditional manner. Only ascetics sought to deny themselves all the temptations of the flesh and Colman was such a man. "I suppose, even with Deusdedit of Canterbury here, that Wilfrid of Ripon will open for the Roman faction? " Colman was changing the subject.

What remained of his clothing proclaimed it to have once consisted of the habit of a religieux, though there was no sign of the crucifix, leather belt and satchel that a peregrinus pro Christo would have carried. The leading traveller had drawn near on his mule and gazed up with a terrified expression on his white features. Another of the party, one of the two women, urged her mount nearer and gazed up at the corpse with a steady eye. She rode a horse, a fact that signified that she was no ordinary religieuse but a woman of rank.

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