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Download e-book for iPad: Macchine matematiche: Dalla storia alla scuola (Convergenze) by Maria G. Bartolini Bussi;Michela Maschietto

In questo libro si raccolgono in modo sistematico i risultati di oltre vent’anni di ricerche didattiche sul tema delle macchine matematiche, realizzate in Italia e all’estero, in tutti gli ordini scolastici. L’esplorazione guidata delle macchine consente di ricostruire il significato geometrico-spaziale di concetti o strategy di solito affrontati solo nel quadro algebrico e di esplorare dinamicamente le configurazioni assunte allo scopo di produrre congetture e costruire dimostrazioni.

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Since the dots are buried, only the transmitted wave inside the medium has to be considered, and the wave reflected at the surface and underlying interfaces is neglected for the diffuse scattering. 94) where ∆ denotes the difference between the electron density of the buried structure and that of the surrounding material. 93). However, this wave can also be scattered diffusely, leading to enhanced diffuse intensity in its vicinity. The inclusion of the specular beam in the framework of the DWBA was first performed by Kaganer et al.

P. Ewald had already used the same ansatz for his dynamical theory of X-ray diffraction. 82) h where E[h,h] is the component of Eh perpendicular to Kh ≡ K 0 + h. 81) are the basic equations of the dynamical theory of X-ray diffraction, and they are generally valid. However, they cannot be solved exactly, and the Fourier expansion of the wave field E(r) has to be truncated after a finite number of terms. e. h = 0) is considered, only one (plane) wave is present inside the crystal. This solution is, therefore, often referred to as the onebeam case.

This consideration makes it clear that a calculation of the scattering from the semi-infinite substrate requires the consideration of four waves inside the crystal, and the DWBA coupling scheme provides us with 16 channels into which scattering can occur [38]. However, when the diffuse scattering from free-standing islands calculated, only three vacuum waves have to be taken into account: the incident, the specularly reflected, and the diffracted wave. 102) (θB is the Bragg angle), and the differential scattering cross section is given by dσ (q) = r02 |A(q)|2 .

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