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By Alan H. Luther

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At Copenhagen in June 1988, the eightieth Anniversary of the delivery of L D Landau, the a lot revered Soviet physicist and writer of the Course on Theoretical Physics, released via Pergamon Press, was once celebrated with a global Symposium in his honour. The papers offered at that assembly are released the following, delivering an outline of contemporary development in theoretical physics, protecting super-string theories, chaos, excessive Tc superconductivity and biomolecules.

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Unlike in the case of the sphere it is not true that all tori are equivalent up to reparametrizations and Weyl transformations. In other words the integration over all intrinsic metrics gaß(z, z) cannot simply be performed by choosing a particular gauge. There is a one (complex) parameter class of gauge inequivalent metrics on a torus which are labelled by the modulus, τ (Figure 4(b)). The expression for the amplitude is therefore given by an integral over τ as well as over the positions of the external particles over the parallelogram in Figure 4.

These are labelled by an integer, m (^1), c = 1- 7 ^ 5T- (4·4) v (m + 2)(m + 3) ' These discrete values of c start at c = 1/2 (the m = 0, c = 0 case is trivial) and condense at c = 1 as m —» » . For each of these values of c the dimensions weights of the highest-weight representations are given by h - [("* + 3)/» - (m + 2)q]2 - 1 ** 4(m + 2)(m + 3) ' , . ' V where p = 1,2,. , m + 1 and g = 1,2,. ,/?. The constraints of modular invariance were first considered by Cardy, since when Cappeli, Itzykson and Zuber, as well as Nahm, Gepner and others, have given the complete classification of all modular invariant theories with c < 1.

1987, B284, 386. 32. B. Sundborg, Nucl. , 1985, B254, 583; M. J. Bowick and L. C. R. Wijewardhana, Phys. Rev. , 1985, 54, 2485. 33. E. Witten, IASSNS-HEP-88/14. 34. F. Englert, J. Orloff and T. Pirana, ULB-TH 88/03. 35. B. Sundborg, Institute of Theoretical Physics, Göteborg 88-24. An Overview of Superstring Theory MICHAEL B. GREEN 1. Introduction The subject of string theory has exploded into a wide-ranging field covering many areas of modern mathematics, statistical mechanics, elementary particle physics and general relativity.

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