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Maria G. Bartolini Bussi;Michela Maschietto's Macchine matematiche: Dalla storia alla scuola (Convergenze) PDF

In questo libro si raccolgono in modo sistematico i risultati di oltre vent’anni di ricerche didattiche sul tema delle macchine matematiche, realizzate in Italia e all’estero, in tutti gli ordini scolastici. L’esplorazione guidata delle macchine consente di ricostruire il significato geometrico-spaziale di concetti o strategy di solito affrontati solo nel quadro algebrico e di esplorare dinamicamente le configurazioni assunte allo scopo di produrre congetture e costruire dimostrazioni.

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Then AP is the direction to be steered by a plane going 90 miles an hour to stay on the track in spite of a north wind blowing 20 m. p. h. we find it to be 29. for wind. we measure the angle OAP with a protractor, This angle represents the true course, allowing If From the true course we may find the compass course to be steered by applying the proper variation and deviation getting as a result 29 plus 15 plus 3 (supposing the deviation corresponding to magnetic 44 to be the same as for magnetic 51, although this would not always be the case) equals 47, the compass course to be steered.

The scale and size of the map are also factors of importance in determining what contour interval shall be taken. The following facts about contours should be well noted: (1) Contours are continuous closed lines (for example the circles, squares, and triangles referred to above). If a contour does not close upon itself within the limits of the map, it means that the map is not large enough to show the entire contour. AERIAL NAVIGATION. 56 (2) All points on a contour are at the lies in a horizontal plane contour same elevation, because the .

Next the machine is turn: d so as to head exactly east, b ing sighted along the plumb lines and the stake or ground line as before, and the compass reading is again taken. -S. position, for the needle is lying transv rse to the lines of force from the chi f source of magnetic compass reading. -W. -S. axis. Th se magnets are plac- d fore and aft in the compass case in order to act at right angles to the needle, which is pointing in the general direction of north; that is, athwartship, the ship having been turned attraction, the engine, single-motor type of ship.

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