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By Roger Chesneau

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Since that time there have been numerous similar publications, mainly from northowest Europe, Scandinavia, North America, Australia, Japan and South Africa. 1. ) Reported prevalence of Huntington's chorea (x 10- 6 of population) in different countries Location Seandinavia North Sweden Author(s) Year of publication Prevalence year No. of patients Prevalence Population (per million) Sjogren 1936 1933 18 1440 leeland Gudmundsson 1969 1963 5 27 Sweden Mattsson 1974 1965 362 7733853 Canada Quebec Barbeau a 1966 1966 Manitoba Shokeir 1975 1970-1974 162 1 926942 84 USA Minnesota Pearson et al.

Guy's Hosp Rep 120: 295-309 Hogg JE, Massey EW, Schoenberg BS (1979) Mortality from Huntington's disease in the United States. In: Chase, TN, Wexler NS, Barbeau A (eds) Advances in neurology, vol 23. Raven Press, New York, pp 27-35 Husquinet H (1975) La choree de Huntington, maladie hereditaire grave: conditions de sa disparition. Rev Med Liege 30 7: 228-232 Kishimoto K, Nakamura M, Sotokawa Y (1957) Population genetics study of Huntington's chorea in Japan. Annu Rep Res Inst Environ Med 9: 195-211 Korenyi C, Whitter JR (1977) Huntington's disease in New York State.

The abnormal gene has, for example, reached South Africa from France via the island of Mauritius (Hayden 1979). It has been clearly established that all affected persons on this small Indian Ocean island are related and descend from a common ancestor (P. ) who was born in the capital of Port Louis in 1864. This man's grandparents, one ofwhom is thought to have been affected with Huntington's chorea, were of noble descent (Bourbon) and, being dissatisfled with the political situation in France after the French Revolution in 1789, set sail for Mauritius around 1800 aboard the Mascereynes.

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