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Каталог авиационных товаров.Aircraft Spruce distinctiveness has released a brand new, all-color, 88-page pilot offers catalog that's on hand for free. airplane Spruce has visible an increasing marketplace for pilot offers over the last decade and made up our minds, for the ease of its consumers, to extract the pilot provides from its entire aviation catalog and placed all of them in a single position, in colour. items within the new catalog contain demonstrated items like hand held GPS and nav/coms, JPI and Electronics foreign engine screens and scanners, headsets, intercoms, flight luggage, plotters, pcs, laminated fee lists, folding motorcycles, oxygen structures, windsocks, survival equipment, flight jackets, Scheyden sun shades, climate stations, flashlights, Jeppesen and ASA flight education items, aviation software program and simulators, charts, video clips, books, and lots more and plenty extra.

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Set/13. 65 BINDER IDENTIFIERS Pick up the right binder the first time. Easy to read selfadhesive labels for top and spine of 2” binders. United States, 2 sets ....... P/N 13-63000-2 ............... , 2” Rings, No Stay-Open Bar P/N 13-21744 .... 5” Rings, No Stay-Open Bar P/N 13-22792 .... 65 INDEX TABS Simplify location of desired charts and index sections in your airway manual or trip kit. Set of Alphabetical Tabs .. P/N 13-62541-5.. 00 Set of Sectional Tabs ....... P/N 13-62513-5.. 00 JOG-15/JOG-30 CHART ORGANIZER Transparent pockets are ideal for holding trip charts, flight plans, aircraft checklists, etc.

95 CHAPP’S CHECKLISTS Chapp’s Checker provides aircraft-specific, POHaccurate checklists for many airplanes. 5“. The checklists are presented in order of use during a normal flight. Emergency procedure checklists are boldly marked for quick access. In addition, there is a page on which you can write your local radio frequencies. The POH checklists comprise just 85% of each Chapp’s Checker. The remaining 15% is composed of good piloting procedures, such as when to contact ground control or the tower.

These computers automatically compensate for the temperature and compressibility factors found at high speeds. Tough laminated plastic, with carrying case and instruction manual. ) .................................. 95 JEPPESEN STUDENT CSG COMPUTERS This computer made of composite materials works just like an aluminum computer with all the same functions and features, but at a lower cost. Ideal for new students or as an extra to keep in your desk at home. Printed numbers are sharp, clear, and easy to read.

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