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By Edward Jablonski

Within the quite short interval of WWII the plane advanced from a interest right into a decisive think about army pondering.

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In the streets, in the broken cottages and minutes Junkers 52s flew over to pour incendiaries upon And waves, phrase of John Wheeler- "incalculable variations in the it tempo with fuller tragic signif- BOOK I Blitzkrieg m ^ Whoever lights the torch of war in Europe can wish for nothing but chaos. -ADOLF HITLER .. ARDLY thirty above the fog-enshrouded feet could be properly identified. At least the river was ground the Kette of three Junkers 87B Stukas roared in through the slumbrous countryside.

Treaty Versailles the with a of declaration the German Army (this of no less than thirty-six divisions would require some 550,000 men) and the reintroduction of conscription. The Reichswehr, and the underground General Officer Corps, were elated. At last the Staff German the man Constitution, nor to protect the Ger- government. to the Reich. did not even swear allegiance It Instead, was a personal oath it of loyalty to the corporal himself: / God swear before my to give unconditional obe- dience to Adolf Hitler, Fiihrer of the Reich and of the German Supreme Commander of my word as a brave People, Wehrmacht, and the I pledge sol- dier to observe this oath always, even at peril of my life.

Borah). " Hitler's solution to "the Polish question" down in the at the last Hitler that he could not take part in military operations "in view of the present state If of Itahan Hitler had found a worthy to count ally in upon Mussolini, he Stalin, there came a strange pause in the blitzkrieg, a war, or "sitzkrieg," ting Western Front Germans nor the first it with whom he State was quiet indeed. Neither the move. The mood Sumner appeared to sit- Along the the press. " was unable to cruelly as the Welles, feel, like in sadly, a anxious to still make invulnerable by Undersecretary of who found that "many people Senator Borah, that the failure had had the audacious foresight to make a Treaty of Great Britain and France to undertake the of- Non- Aggression (Nazi-Soviet Pact) before embarking upon the Pohsh adventure.

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