Alcyonarien-Sklerite aus dem Torton des Burgenlandes, - download pdf or read online

By Edith Kristan-Tollmann (auth.)

ISBN-10: 3662245876

ISBN-13: 9783662245873

ISBN-10: 366226739X

ISBN-13: 9783662267394

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T = 150°C per hour. (Reprinted from Freeman, et. , Polymer Engineering and Science, Vol. 9, No. ) a glass transition temperature of 390°C. Cross-linking or a more complete imidation were thought responsible for this phenomenon (182). Poly(amide-imides) display lower thermo-oxidative stability than polyimides (413). The stabilities of these materials were investigated by several workers (122, 581, 582). The mechanical behavior and weight loss data for several poly(amide-imides) derived from pyromellitic anhydride and a variety of amide-containing diamines are shown in the accompanying table (p.

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