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Such issues can be addressed only by using inductive inferences. Pechmann and Wilbur (1994) contrasted these two kinds of conclusions: “Human impacts obviously have reduced or eliminated many populations of amphibians and other organisms. ” It is the inductive logic underlying the idea of interrelated amphibian declines that fuels the debate over how to, or even whether to, draw strong inferences from research data. The idea that interrelated amphibian declines may be global in scope provides even more fuel for this fire.

However, many scientific disciplines depend upon value judgments to discern important problems from unimportant problems (Kuhn, 1962; Feyerabend, 1980; Shrader-Frechette and McCoy, 1994). Shrader-Frechette and McCoy (1994) argued that value judgments are inherent in the application of ecological theory and they may render strict hypothesis deduction impossible for scientists attempting to apply ecological theory. Conservation biology relies in part on the application of ecological theories (Simberloff and Abele, 1976), many of which were formulated and tested using the hypothetico-deductive approach (Simberloff and Abele, 1976; Simberloff, 1988).

Wilkinson currently serves in this latter capacity. Early in 1992, the Task Force board of directors held its first meeting. At that meeting, the following goals were established: 1. Catalyze, catalogue, and coordinate efforts to gain an understanding of declining amphibian populations. 2. Identify those target populations, species, and regions that merit immediate attention. 3. Gather and critically examine evidence concerning causal factors contributing to amphibian declines and identify remedial action.

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