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It is a ebook that takes a special method of integrating wisdom in antioxidants from necessities to advances, and from easy study to medical functions. This publication offers clinical details on antioxidants in an organised, cogent, and in-depth demeanour. The constant structure of writing, the full-colour illustrations, and the excellent checklist of references make the booklet available and fascinating. along with its worth as a textbook for undergraduate and graduate scholars in lifestyles technology, "Antioxidants in Biology and medication" can be an invaluable reference for biomedical examine scientists, clinicians, and different well-being pros.

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5. 1. Multiple Biological Activities of Antioxidants Many antioxidants have well-established ability to scavenge ROS/RNS, inhibit their formation, or repair the damage caused by ROS/RNS. However, it is important to note that in addition to their effects on ROS/RNS antioxidants, including both protein and non-protein antioxidants may also exert other biological effects irrelevant to their antioxidant activities. For example, the antioxidant enzyme catalase decomposes hydrogen peroxide to form water and molecular oxygen, a well-known antioxidant activity of catalase.

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