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By G. White (CQ magazine article)

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The results of these patient enquiries were comprised in his well-known volume on Vegetable Mould50. It is interesting to remember that in this, his last published work, he returned once more to geological studies. But he now brought to their prosecution a wealth of biological experience and an ingeniously 4r-2 52 CHARLES DARWIN devised system of measurement which gave to his results a precision not always attainable in experimental geology. His volume thus holds an altogether unique place among modern contributions to the problems of denudation.

I 66 CHARLES DARWIN well remember the effect which, when they first appeared, they produced on at least the younger geologists of the day. The fact that the Geological Record is far from complete was, of course, familiar knowledge. But until these two chapters revealed it with such fullness of detail and such force of argument, I do not believe that any one of us had the remotest conception that the extent of its imperfection was so infinitely greater than we had ever imagined. The idea of progressive organic development was then in general disfavour, and so long as that was the case, the blanks in the Geological Record lost much of their interest and importance as indications of chronometric intervals.

But the mere existence of an atoll can no longer be regarded as in itself a proof of subsidence. It has been to myself and to many other geologists a matter of keen regret that this brilliant generalisation of the great naturalist has been deprived of the wide application which for many years we attributed to it. But while we bow to the results of later investigation, we must still be allowed to regard it as a monument of his genius, which did good service by lifting geological speculation to a higher plane, and filling our minds with a more vivid conception of the gigantic scale on which the movements of the terrestrial crust may have been effected.

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ARC-5 Command Set Receivers by G. White (CQ magazine article)

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